Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been hard at work compiling the Ministry Information Form (MIF). This form contains information about our Church, our surrounding community and our Church’s vision for the future.

The MIF also contains 5 questions that, once answered, define in greater detail the type of Pastor we’re looking for, such as, personality, preaching style, etc. This data will inform him/her of the duties within the Church. The MIF has been completed and approved by the Presbytery. The next step is Session approval and then it’s put into cyber space in a PCUSA site called Church Leadership Connection (CLC).

This site, for lack of a better term, acts as an on-line dating service for our Church and prospective Ministers. Once entered, we basically sit back and wait for Pastor Information Forms (PIF’s) to electronically return to us. Your PNC will then review these PIF’s; and once one comes that interests us, we will contact that minister and the feeling out process begins to see if we are a match. Hopefully, this process does not take too long, but it may, so stay patient; and we’ll keep everyone informed of our progress.

Please continue to pray for the Pastor Nominating Committee: Rolf Hansen and Mark Menanno (Session), Marcia Aducci (Deacons), Lucy Bittner and Ron Campbell (Congregation).

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