Here at First Presbyterian we currently have 168 families registered for the food pantry. We continue to register more families every month.
Thank you to everyone who helps on the 4th Friday of each month.

Also, we would like everyone who make donations either in the Cross at the back of the church or by donating items for the food bank.  Everything is greatly appreciated.

We also would like to thank the M & S Committee for their support and also for sponsoring the Fresh Express that happens at the Jeannette City Parking lot.  Last month, the Fresh express passed out 34,500 lbs. of food to the residents in the City of Jeannette.

As our Pastor Nominating Committee continues with their work toward meeting our next pastor, we must ensure that everything else in our house is in order.

This year we will engage in a Stewardship Campaign to make our financial commitments known to our Church. This is an important step in our budgeting process and goes a long way toward showing our financial responsibility to our Church.

Please watch your mail for the upcoming Stewardship Letter. You may return the commitment card either by mail or place it in an envelope and drop it in the offering plate during Sunday worship.

The Per Capita contribution is one of those expenses of the church that does not slow down. We make regular monthly contributions to the work of the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly, our national body.

Each year the amount of Per Capita requested changes. This year the amount requested is $36.00 per member. That works out close to $7,200.00 to cover every member of First Presbyterian of Jeannette. Last year we received only $2,369.00 in Per Capita collections, the rest of the requested amount came out of our General Fund.

We need the help of all of our members to contribute whatever they are able to this special offering in order to take a little pressure off of the general operations fund that is used to pay the normal day-to-day expenses of the church.

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